Model Code and scripts

worketa_all_201303.tgz: Update on march/2013
Finite volume version (Mesinger, et al, 2012)
Update on 18/03/2010
Code errors corrected in VTADV.F, DIVHOAST.F, INITS.F, READ_NHB.F
version ICTP, Trieste 2008.
version ICTP, Trieste 2005. Sloping Eta.Features included that are considered improvements/ refinements compared to the NCEP WS Eta:• Sloping steps eta discretization (e.g., Mesinger and Jovic 2004);
• Changes in the continuity and hydrostatic equations to account for mass removal and addition due to precipitation and evaporation, and the presence of condensates (Mesinger and Lazic, “Blue Book” 2004);
• Changes in the BMJ convection to remove/ ameliorate the problem of undergoing intense convection (reversed DSPs, and no extension of relaxation time);
• Averaging of all four surrounding velocities at h points (including those that are zero at vertical sides) to do turbulence quantities (improves lowest layer winds over topography); 

Model Code Update

dgeta2model.f: Uptdate on 18/03/2010
Changes the dprep code to account for some additional RH levels in the GFS introduced with the 20091215 GFS upgrade. Can either download the entire package, or simply download file dgeta2model.f to be placed in the dprep/src/dgavn/ directory and recompiled.